Photography by Tom Buck (Website/Instagram)
Hey guys – how’s it going? I’ve been obsessing over these new trousers with overlaid skirt from Zara! I saw their new ‘dark collection’ come online a couple of weeks ago and couldn’t stop looking at (click below to read the full post) 

them. They finally came in stock in my size so I decided to pick them up and I have no regrets haha. They’re really comfortable and easy to move around in, they’re like soft jersey cropped trousers with a silky/satin pleated skirt around the waist with a velcro strap to keep it in place. I wore it with my Raf Simons x Adidas Sneakers with a plain white ASOS shirt. I also wore a pair of leggings underneath the trousers too! Just for an added layer. I love the silhouette that the skirt gives, what do you think?

Anyway it’s London Fashion Week and I’m about to go get a haircut, film a YouTube video and then go and meet some friends! What’re you up to this weekend?!
Any Questions just ask! 🙂