(Spitalfield Store – 15 Lamb Street) 
I don’t wear this Biker Jacket as much as I should, It’s a classic piece and I should get it out more often. Do you ever

do that? Get a piece of clothing, Love it… but never wear it?! What the hell is wrong with us haha.

These images were taken by my friend and blogger Mikko. We took a trip to the V&A and did some outfit shots around the beautiful building! I always shoot in the same place near my house so it’s really refreshing to have a new back drop. I’m going to try and venture out a bit more to get my outfit shots looking less ‘samey’.
I had sort of a mid-life crisis this week and got a pair of BLUE JEANS?!?! I looked at them for so long and this shade of blue was just not right so I’m returning them and getting a black pair instead haha. I will find the perfect blue jeans eventually… maybe more grey/blue? haha if you know of any good ones let me know! 🙂
Hope you’ve had a wonderful week and are now ready for the weekend! Also thank you for the 12K followers on Instagram and the 1K Likes on my facebook page! ^___^ Means so much to me – if you have any questions about ANYTHING let  me know! also taking suggestions for my next YouTube Vlog! 🙂
See you soon!