Armour Cuff – Asos

Leather Jacket – Ryans Vintage

And no i’m not referring to La Roux’s hit single, i’m talking metal. I’d seen this armour cuff a couple of weeks ago on Asos but then it disappeared! I was abit upset in that i didn’t get the chance to buy it considering money is very low at the moment, i need a job or something? whatever. So just before i went to London afew weeks ago it reappeared on the site and i had just enough in my account so i snapped it up! I feel like a power ranger which rather excites me. NOW my sleeveless leather jacket very rarely gets worn so i want to do something to it! I fell in love with THIS Acne jacket and realised i cannot live without it. So thoughts please on how i get my brown/black jacket to a pastel pink/ different colour? Hmm. I tried editing the picture to give a pink effect but if you’re not already aware, you can’t edit real life. 🙁