Bound 2 #Givenchy #Petrol #Dr.Martens


Faux Leather Cap (ASOS),  Zip up Sweatshirt (Kenzo), Printed Shirt (Givenchy), 
White Long Sleeved Top (ASOS),  Black Biker Jeans (eBay), Petrol Langston Boots (Dr.Martens)

THESE BOOTS KILL MY FEET AND WHEN I WEAR THEM I WANT TO DIE. – Is what i was saying last week when i wore these. However, now they’re uber comfy and don’t hurt so much anymore #win. I got them last year off some random site i cant remember but i got them for £80 knocked down from like £200 which was awesome! 
They always used to hurt when i wore them so i refrained from wearing them. Forcing myself through the pain was a good idea because they’re the best Dr.martens ever, i do wish they were the classic shape rather than the langston but its okay because i can stare at them for hours.
I love this shirt so much but i hardly ever wear it so i might sell it soon, not a lot goes with it but its so beautiful *tears*.
Moving to London on Monday, pretty much the scariest/most exciting thing happening right now.
Can’t wait to start working at Katie’s again! ^.^