Faux Leahter Cap – ASOS/ Essential Sweatshirt – ADYN/ Skort – eBay / Parka – Fabrixquare
Metal Nose Strip – Bond Hardware/ Rings – Joshua Hall* / Nike Air Max – Net a Porter
It’s finally begun to feel like autumn/winter with occasional blasts of summer coming through, London’s weather is so unpredictable right now. I wore my Parka work (duvet lol) to work and although it was cold on my walk, the sun started to shine like a summers day and I could have been wearing shorts and a T-shirt. Sort of ridiculous October please sort yourself out.  
I’m enjoying playing with layers at the moment and I think the last image really shows that although the only colour being worn is black there can be a real complexity to the layers and textures of the materials and I find that really interesting. My Bond-Hardware metal nose strip has made a appearance, I still can’t get over how awesome it is – although all my friends think it’s dumb *shrugs* haha – I like it and that’s what counts.
Got any plans for the weekend? I am probably going to curl up in a duvet (not my parka haha) and watch Parks and Recreation  (I’m only on season 3!) whilst consuming copious amounts of food.