Blue Casette

Towel – Versace H&M Cruise Collection

My friends made fun of me for buying a towel U_U’ But i figured, i don’t really have any towels that i like? Towels are just plain and boring, whereas i enjoy this alot. It’ll be nice to whip out on the beach in the sun plus it’s purdy ^_^. I’m off from University for a whole weeeek! My Boyfriends coming down south to see me, got loads of stuff planned i’m so excited. Hello to my new followers ^_^! I’ve been quite lazy with outfit posts recently, i feel like i just wear the same clothes all the time! I can’t take my Givenchy Sweater off, i love it so much and it cost me an arm and a leg. Hopefully be investing a proper camera soon! I’m going to eat ramen and tidy my house. Check out my Tumblr!