Blood, Sweat, Tears

Leather Cap – ASOS/Essential Sweater – ADYN/Skinny Jeans – Topman / Tier 0 Nike Air Max – Net a Porter/ Rucksack – Lost Mannequin

You see what I mean when I say I wear the same clothes over and over again? Buy less , choose well. 
These kinds of pieces might not be exciting when you buy them, or you might not be in awe of them when they’re in the store/online but believe me, I wear at least one of these pieces every single day. So when you next buy clothes just think, ‘Will I Wear this?’ If it’s more expensive but you will wear it 24/7 It’s worth the investment. 

Bleh, me ranting about buying the right clothes haha, also check my sad face in this pic, I’ve reached new levels of sadness. In reality I’m actually really happy.

I’ve had an awesome easter weekend with friends, I think I had too much alcohol. Probably wont touch it again until my trip to Bulgaria next month, It’s also my birthday too which I’m dreading U_U. I feel like I’m incredibly old and my life is slipping away…. anyone else that’s 21 feel like that? haha
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