6 Signs That You Should Quit your Job

6 Signs That You Should Quit your Job

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Don’t get me wrong when I quit my job at the end of 2015 I was nervous, extremely excited but also very nervous. The dream for the past couple of years was to take my blog full time. I love blogging, creating YouTube videos etc. I would shoot on my lunch breaks and at weekends, film and edit YouTube videos whenever I got the chance, it was a struggle but really enjoy it – I always felt like I was working towards a much bigger goal. However living in central London, paying an extortionate amount of rent and not having a lot of money made it all seem like an unachievable dream that would never come true.

I was also quite unhappy with my job at the time but If I’m being really honest, I’ve never really been that happy at any of my jobs. From when I was 16 working at a Chinese restaurant to a few years later when I was styling in fashion studios here in London. The idea of working for someone else or another company has never really excited me, I’ve had quite a few different experiences within the fashion industry but nothing has made me as happy and content with my career as blogging does.

Fast forward to now and I’ve been doing it full time for 7 Months and I’m happy to say it’s been the best year of my life so far, I’ve travelled more than I ever have done before, I’ve earned more $$$ than in my previous jobs, I’ve got to work with some incredible people and brands so to anyone thinking ‘What if?’ I’m going to give you some reasons as to why I think it could be the best thing you’ve ever done.

Disclaimer – please don’t quit your job without thinking about it first or having any other source of income, it took me a year of deciding whether or not it was the right decision whilst saving up for the big leap. Please also consider the points below.

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1.Are You Happy?

Ok so we can’t all love our jobs all the time, there’s definitely highs and lows to every job out there but if you’re waking up in the morning, feeling like you don’t want to go to work or when you get to work you feel miserable – then something definitely isn’t right. Whether it’s you, your role, your team or your company – somethings got to change. Talk to people, try and figure it out, have meetings at work, chat to your friends outside of work. A lot of people just carry on being miserable for years and years and complain along the way – you only have one life, why would you waste it being unhappy?


2.Where Is It Going?

I’ve been in positions where theres’s been no incentive at all, not a lot of pay, no clear line of progression and in some cases I wasn’t even bothered about getting a promotion anyway. Thats kind of when you know you’re not in the right place. Everyone is different though, some people get motivated by kudos, being praised for their good work etc then there’s others who get motivated by challenges and monetary rewards.


3.Do feel Like You Have More Potential?

I’ve often felt like I wasn’t being utilised for all of my potential – I think it’s do with being a young person within the industry and companies aren’t willing to give young people a chance. People say you have to have X amount of years experience for a particular role when I don’t think you do at all.  Just because someone has done a job for 5 years doesn’t mean that they’re the good at it. I’ve seen young creatives overlooked on so many occasions in the fashion industry due to ego and most likely fear of the older generation, fear that the younger person will outshine them. The idea of ‘interns’ is a perfect example, companies who don’t want to spend money on full time salaried employees see interns as an easy way of cheap labour. Giving young creatives an ‘amazing experience’ when in fact they’re doing most of the hard work whilst most of the time getting paid nothing at all. When it’s these people, the ‘interns’ who probably have 100000’s of ideas that could improve the company itself.


4.You’ve already Quit – Mentally

If you lack passion or are bored at work then you’ve essentially already checked out. Being bored at work was one of the most frustrating things for me, constantly wishing I was elsewhere, doing other things. It’s not healthy for anyone and if you’re feeling this way then definitely start looking elsewhere.


5.You have an Idea for your Own Business

If you’re in your 20’s then now is the time to take risks, if you have an idea try and start it on the side, out of work hours – if it’s an idea your passionate about then I say run with it at full force because believe it or not it could be your full time job in less that no time. Passion and excitement are crucial to a job and working for myself is the most rewarding thing in the world – yes it’s scary at first but just go for it.


6.You want a Career Change

People change job roles all the time, why shouldn’t you? As we grow our ambitions do too, our commitments change and we need something new and refreshing to give us that little spark to get up in the morning. Whether it’s within your company, changing to a new employer or starting your own business changing your Job role could be just what you needed.

We spend most of our lives working – you might as well be happy, right?