3D Transfer Tee – Cassetteplaya
Studded Rucksack and Dr.Martens – Ebay
Skinny Jeans – Topshop

First things first, the Bibimbap from Seoul Bakery in Soho is AMAZING. (see first image).
My friends Ananya, Emmie, Siqi, Dodo and Randa always took me whilst i was staying in London.
These pictures were from the last time we went! I cant wait to go again with them during London Fashion Week ^_^! 
I’ve been really behind with blogging as my life is so busy right now, but i thought i’d try something different with my .GIFs for this post! Abit more clean? Let me know what you think! I’m still trying to get better and better with my editing skills etc. It’s just for fun anyway ^_^

I did a shoot for Oh Hell! in Manchester yesterday for their new lookbook so i’ll be sure to post some images when they’re available, i still have Katie Earys after party to post about and SPAIN ( the memory card is proving imopssible to save the pictures from, i think i need a specialist U_U ,anyone have any advice for corrupt memory cards?!).

I’m really excited for sunday as i have a shoot with two amazing designers and some close friends so it’s gonna be awesomeee! Be sure to follow me on twitter here and check my instagram (gallucks) for constant updates!
What’s everyone been up to?!!?