Taking My Blog To The Next Level – STORM

Photography by Tom Buck

Sour Bullet Denim Jacket – C2H4 (here)*

Magnifique Tee – H&M (here)

Sour Bullet Denim Shorts – C2H4 (here)*

Pure Boost – Y3 (here)

You might have already seen the announcement over on my Instagram, if not then I’m really excited to say that I’ve taken a big step over here in the digital world of blogging/youtube and I’ve signed to STORM Management (no this doesn’t mean I’m a model haha). I wanted to update you guys on here and explain about it all because I feel like no one talks about the management side of things and it’s a really big deal to me!

I’ve had this blog for around 7 years now and my YouTube for 2 years, all the while everything has been just me (It will all still be me as well, nothing will change on the content side of Gallucks.com or my YT channel). But since taking the big leap into full time at the start of 2016 it has all been a bit daunting, I’ve been perfectly capable of running everything on my own for a really long time but it’s just gotten to that point where some things are a bit out of my depth. There are times in the past where unfortunately brands/companies have taken advantage of me and I’ve ended up in a bit of a muddle. There are a lot of meetings contracts and legal issues that go on behind the scenes in this industry and I for one am definitely not a lawyer.

So in comes STORM, they’ll be helping me with opportunities, projects that I’m working on and all the nitty gritty. They’ve been in the fashion industry for a whopping 30 years so I’m in the best hands possible really, they’ve looked after an incredible range of talented models and have since started managing Artists, Creatives and Digital Talent. They already manage a whole host of my favourite people including Yanin (@prettysickly), Liv (@livpurvis) and Estee Lalonde (@estee Lalonde). So I’m really excited to join the family!

Like I said this is a big deal to me and I just wanted to explain to you what it all means because you know I love being honest.

Also can we please note the C2H4 Sour Bullet Denim Co-ord?!

Anyway as usual if you can any questions just ask in the comments below or send me a tweet/IG DM.

Thanks for reading and I’ll speak to you soon!