Black Pyramid Bracelet – Asos, White Tiger Bracelet – Topshop,
Deer Head Necklace – Asos

Assorted Animal Earrings – Asos & Topman
Thought i’d share with you some of my accessories! The two beautiful bracelets don’t get worn enough, i got the tiger one 2/3 years ago now! i can’t believe its been so long, i’ve only worn it about 10 times!? My Black pyramid braclet is awesome, it goes with anything. That deer necklace is also yet to be worn yet, i think i have some sort of animal jewellery obsession? As you can see from the 9 animal earrings, none of which fit in my ear because i have a 8mm tunnel and all my other piercings are really thick. I think i will have to get two regular piercings on my right lobe so i can wear my animals wherever i go, i have an exciting post coming soon from a photoshoot with my friend Josh! Right now i need to go eat lots and catch up on the Paris runways, alot better than Milan so far…