6 Reasons Why I Like Being Alone

6 Reasons Why I Like Being Alone

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Ok so this might come across as an ‘I Hate Everybody’ kind of post but it’s not, I assure you. I love spending time with my family, my boyfriend and all my friends. I love meeting new people, socialising and getting out of my comfort zone – but sometimes I just LOVE being alone. Do you ever feel the same? This isn’t a negative post, it’s a positive post about how being alone can be a good thing (from time to time).

I think the feeling comes along when I either have a lot to do, when I’m nervous, when something stressful is coming up or if I’ve just spent too much time with people around me. I’m a really patient person and also like to think that I’m polite but sometimes I’m so polite that I’ll put up with something for the sake of not being rude. I should really stand up for myself and remove myself from situations where I’m not comfortable or could be making better use of my time elsewhere.

I wanted to tell you 7 benefits and reasons as to why I like being alone sometimes. The slightly offensive slogan T-Shirt I’m wearing seems apt for topic of discussion or maybe it’s apt in reference to half of my country after yesterdays voting results. You Decide.

1 .Concentration

When I’m alone is when I get the most out of my time. I attack my ‘life admin’, I come up with ideas, create content, I get to sit and reply to all of my emails and messages. It’s time for me to sort my life out that I feel like I can’t do to the best of my ability when I’m around others, I need peace and quiet to fully commit to something.


2 . Time management

Having some ‘alone’ time allows you to manage your own time efficiently. The day before a morning spent alone I’ll think to myself, right , I’ll wake up at 7am, get X done by 10am, do X by 11am etc. I set myself goals and deadlines which I don’t mind adhering to and push myself harder and harder each day to stick to.



Alone time is a great way to recharge. I know I’m talking about working alone and getting sh*t done but it’s also a great way to unwind and relax. Put your phone on silent, get rid of all distractions and take some time out just for you. Do something you love like watching a film or TV series you’ve been wanting to watch for ages and fully commit to relaxing. You’ll find this will help you focus and get even more done when you’re working again.


4 Accomplishments

I genuinely get so much done when I’m alone, I don’t know whether it’s me personally or my chosen career path but blogging is definitely a full time 25/8 kind of job. There is always something that can be done all the time, you can always improve your site, your content, you can tweet , snapchat, edit etc. So alone time to me is important because the more I get done by myself, the more time I can relax when I’m with my friends.


5 Reflections

You can really think about current situations and reflect on everything. Sometimes we’re so caught up in the moment that by taking some time out may help you see things from a different perspective or reaffirm your beliefs on a certain subject.


6 Full Responsibility

You are entirely responsible for what you do and what you get done in your alone time. You can make the decision to do nothing, if that’s what you want to do. Sometimes doing nothing is really important to help us recharge and think more strategically about what we’re doing in the future.


So they’re what I think the benefits to being alone are, I wouldn’t recommend doing it too often because spending time with others is important too, It’s about having the right balance.

Thank you for stopping by and if you ever have any questions about this post, this outfit, blogging or in general just leave a comment below – can’t wait to hear from you guys!