Bats Against The Barons

Spray on Skinny Jeans – Topman / Nike Air Max – Net a Porter 
How’s everyones week gone? It’s officially friday and I’m so excited for the weekend! This is definitely the most streetwear look I’ve ever had I think? The detail on this Urban Flavours hoodie is insane, the croc faux leather trim, the zip and air-tech material poking out on the sleeves, the graphic on the butt flap haha It’s really cozy and definitely a go – to piece when I have to get straight up and go out. you can find their store here.
What’s everyone got planned for the weekend? Also do you have any requests/questions to ask or anything for my first youtube video? (coming soon gahhh kill me) 
Just comment on any of my social media, @gallucks twitter/instagram/tumblr ask
Have a lovely weekend!