Bags of Gold

Fur Shoulder Jumper – 2 Fitters

Sunglasses – Carboot, White sheer shirt – H&M, Tooth Earring – DIY

I think i made a new best friend, this knitted jumper by ‘2 Fitters’ is probably the ‘cutest’ piece of clothing i own, the fur is so soft, i’m not sure if it’s real or not but it feels good. I feel like some sort of animal when i’ve got it on. The neckline is abit strange but i’ve been wearing it over a shirt, i think it looks better over the shirt too! This week i’ve been so busy that i’ve been feeling abit under the weather, trouble is when you do too many things you get abit rundown. I’m gonna slow things down over the next week, i need to sort myself a part time job aswell so i can start saving for summer. I got some great pieces in the post the other day and i’m heading up to london in february, i hope it’s sunny then so i can wear my sunglasses and my new sandals! If you follow me on tumblr you might have seen them already but i will share them with you soon.

Having watched all of Americas Next Top Model cycle 15, The Big Bang Theory and Family guy, i am now moving onto my Studio Ghibli collection, Howls moving Castle tonight i think, i feel like Howl right now with my blonde hair. Now all i need is a castle.