Backstage Katie Eary SS13

(a very tired Lily & Joel after the show)

This is possibly the biggest image post ever but believe me there are so many more pictures i took but i’ve selected my favourite ones ^_^

After finishing up at Katies the night before the show around 1am i set my alarm for 6am the next day, so after 5 hours of sleep i got up, got ready and walked over to Katies where we packed up the collection and loaded it into a taxi!
The show took place at a restaurant called Embassy – 29 Old Burlington Street, parallel to Savile row.
Once we got to the venue we unloaded all the pieces and began to lay them out/set up spaces for the Hair Stylists, Make Up Artists, etc.
Us interns then had to go and get breakfast! So we headed to pick up Croissants,juice, fruit and other treats. Me and Marie met the other interns Claire and Jodie and then headed back to Embassy.
Once we were back i just helped anyone who needed help! Some of the swimsuits for the women were having finishing touches done and the stylists needed help sorting out all the looks which i was well informed on from the look images i took!
After all the Hair/make up for each model was done me and the other interns had to dress all the models and change them during the show. Overall there was about 22 looks in the collections including the womenswear.
I was so nervous/jumping around because this was my first ever show, i was really sad that i didn’t get to see it but being behind the scenes and ‘making’ the show happen was really fun! I always used to say to myself i’ll only go to a fashion show when i have a real reason to be there and this was it ^_^.
12pm was swiftly approaching and all the models were lined up.Whilst hair and make up was happening they were shooting a lookbook at the same time downstairs, it was such a relaxed and calm environment, completely the opposite to what i thought it would be, it was really interesting.
The models were all lined up and then the music started, i was so nervous, all the hard work everyone had put in all depended on this. I had to change models River Viiperi and Eryck! 8 minutes later and it was all over. it was WEIRD. ahah
If anyone has any questions please don’t hesitate to ask!