Back Of The One

I recently did an interview for an incredible fashion blog ‘Back Of The One‘ ! There’s a snippet of the interview below and you can read the rest on the blog here. It really is a great blog covering the best collections, really up to date and they do loads of interviews with loads of great people! I was so nervous answering all the questions, i’ve never done anything like this before! I really enjoyed it though and made me think exactly why i blog and what i love about it. Hope you enjoy it!

Hey, tell me about you and your blog?
Hi! my name is Joel, I live in England and I’m 18 years old. I’m hopefully going to university near the end of the year to study performing arts near London. I like the darker side of fashion and i’m inspired by punk and south korean/japanese styles. My blog ‘The Hallowed Ground’ started as a place for me to talk about collections and designers that I liked but I hated regurgitating information like so many blogs do! So I decided to focus on the thoughts in my mind, clothes i like and the clothes i make. I like to DIY and make my own things, from jewellery to studding jackets and cutting up t-shirts!