Back in London!! Juun. J/Katie Eary

Neoprene Sweatshirt – Juun. J
I’m officially back on it with The Hallowed Ground, sorry for my lack of posting recently, i’ve just completed my dissertation for my degree and have SO nearly finished University completely.
At the moment im back in London working for Katie Eary as part of my work placement module and after this, i’m done. No more education…..! 
So yeah i’ll be posting about stuff going down at KE Headquarters and it’s getting a lot more serious over here.MAJOR improvements on the online store and customer service front happening.
Please email katieearycustomerservices@gmail.com if you do have any questions from anything you may have ordered from the online store or with questions/requests/things you’d like to see on the website. 
PS. I AM DYING OVER MY NEW SWEATSHIRT. Neoprene is the best ever…. except it gets rather hot. and sweaty……aha. 
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