Oversized Tee – Oh Hell!
Leopard Print Shorts – Ebay
Platform Converse – Asos
After such a busy week at uni, i’ve finally finished for easter. I’ve done so many shifts at work the past two weeks i just want to be like snorlax and sleep for awhile (see below). It’s RAG race tomorrow at my University, a big charity event where all the students dress up and drink… for basically the whole day. I’m not a big fan of alcohol but seeing all the amazing outfits and the effort that goes into it is worth going for. Since i work at the bar i have to work until about 2pm then i’m free to do whatever i like. Me and my friends are going Egyptian and i’m dressing as Tutankhamen.(you can see my mask and collar hanging in the pictures above!) I’ll try and get some pictures of my outfit. The collar i want to actually wear it in real life. It really reminds me of KTZ’s latest mens collection when i’ve got it on ! ^_^
Oh and i’ll be the happiest boy ever on sunday because a certain someone is coming to visit me!
Have a good weekend everyone 🙂