Shark Print Sweater – Givenchy
Pin up Girl Sweater – Givenchy

During my stay in London there were many trips to Selfridges, especially when the new Givenchy hit the store, i couldn’t wait to go and see the Shark Sweater. I really wish they had the Shark Mouth Tee but they didn’t ;( Putting the Shark sweater up against the Rottweiler one, the Shark one is awesome and everything but i think the Rottweiler print is much more iconic and means alot more to me.
I might consider getting the Shark tee as i already have too many sweatshirts. It’s getting beyond ridiculous, might sell some soon!

How is everyone doing? I’m so excited because i’m getting a new phone tomorrow, finally upgraded from my Blackberry to an Iphone, so i’ll be on Instagram! and twitter alot more ^_^ Ps. Buying cases for it is so much fun haha, can’t wait to show you it!

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