Armour Love

Embellished Shoulder T-Shirt – H&M

Faux Vivienne Westwood Armour Ring – Ebay

I’ve decided to do a post about all things metal, shiny and shielding. These two pieces were both under £20 and absolute essentials to my wardrobe, the black t-shirt with embellished shoulders was bought from H&M earlier this year, the metal plates and black tube sequins get quite annoying after awhile though! I think anyone can do this to a t shirt, simply get two patches and sew on all your sequins,metal or whatever you have! I think im going to try and do it myself soon, when i get the time! The classic Armour Ring is probably my most coveted possession, as soon as i got it i never wanted to take it off! it may leave my finger green and cause people to ask if i’m from lord of the rings but it is beautiful. If you ever cannot afford something designer, either make it yourself or search ebay for it! also the high street does have some good stuff out there, you just have to hunt it down! Never buy anything for the sake of buying it, only if you REALLY LOVE it, people tend to like things more in a shop than when they get home.