OH MY GOD. Sorry for the teeny/tiny/miniscule image here, it’s an image taken by a phone of my camera screen then uploaded to facebook then saved to here! It was a big effort but the actualy high quality images will be coming soon! I’ve been so busy with Uni recently and WITHOUT A LAPTOP! Therefore i am having withdrawl symptoms from the internet and i am so behind on everyones blogs and websites. Full on hating life right now! Down in the south of England it’s so hot all the time so i can’t even wear winter clothes at the moment (fml). However i have been taking alot of daily outfit images which will all be uploaded and recapped once i have my new laptop. Also i’ll be opening something very exciting soon, so be patient!

Thanks, Joel.
(Ps. Everyone in Chichester is creeped out by my Foxtail! haha)