Alice, Letty & Louise

Following on from my last post, another ‘Love Blogging’ video shows Celestine Cooney and 3 independant bloggers Alice, Letty & Louise. Celestine Cooney is Fashion Director of bi-annual TWIN Magazine. Alice, Letty & Louise each have a vintage feel, shopping at portabello market buying secondhand clothes but making them modern. Their ideas on models are interesting and something i strongly agree with, a model should be an interesting person, with personality and character. We dont want to see 20 stick insects with death on their face as they walk down a runway or in an editorial, Nor do we want to see ill-looking people looking bored in editorials, they have to have meaning, feeling or just something! Editorials should tell a story, clothes should tell a story, we as humans tell and listen to stories all day, everyday and fashion should do the same. Rant or what?! What’re your views?

Check out Celestine, Alice, Letty & Louise.