Aeon Elysium

Aeon – an immeasurably long period of time; age
Elysium – a place or state of perfect happiness

Ophis’ Hoodie Now Available Here.

Over the past few months (Years aha) I’ve been thinking about creating my own brand. It took a lot of designing, a lot of thinking and a lot of patience. But I finally decided on a collection that I was happy with and a name that I think represents the brand. With heavy influences from all my personal favourite designers and south east asian culture. My first samples are the ‘Ophis’ Print Hoodie based on the beauty of Albino animals and the All white leather varsity jacket.

There are other creatives involved in Aeon Elysium and as we expand and grow we welcome more to get involved. To show your interest please write to us at aeonelysium@gmail.com , we are looking for photographers, artists, models and bloggers all over the world. 

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