Photography by Clemetine Davey (blog/instagram)
Hey everyone, how’s your weekend going? I’ve not worn this Suede biker jacket in a while and I love it so much so I thought it was

 time to bring it back. Where I work is really relaxed in terms of dress code – if you didn’t know that already haha. I paired it with my Calvin Klein sweater that I received to wear to the Calvin Klein event last wednesday (which was awesome! see some of it on my youtube here.)

I am actually obsessed with the CK sweater because it’s so comfy. I feel like it’s now my go – to sweater, I think I’m going to invest in a black hoodie too because they’re just awesome. Also I really like the look of the biker jeans going into my Dr.Martens boots. It feels really masculine to me and I really like it, what do you think of the whole look?
Thanks for stopping by 🙂 any questions just ask!