Beret – Ebay
Long Sleeve Top – Represent*
Boots – Dr. Martens*
(Spitalfields Store)
Hey Guys! I’m really enjoying the brand C2H4 – look how awesome

their pieces are! This bomber jacket is full of reflective panels, writing, zips and attachments that give it so much detail. The biker jeans also have straps that can fasten up to loads of places on the jeans. Definitely the most exciting things that i’ve worn in a long time, the thought of someone grabbing the straps does put me off a little bit haha so I keep them on the belt at the moment but they can attach to the bottom of the jeans too.

I got inspired by Astrid Andersens show at LCM , all the models had Military berets on and I was like damn I really like that! so I found one on ebay for like £4.99?! and I really really like it. I’m definitely becoming a hat person haha.
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