Hey guys! How’s the start of your week going? I’ve had a pretty rubbish start tbh. This is only a quick one because I didn’t manage to get very many pictures – I shoot on self timer by myself and am now realising how dangerous this can be in central London. I just get really paranoid too when I’m taking my outfit pictures and someone just sits and watches me. Like they’re going to run away with my camera or something?! haha 
Anyway I picked up this Cape from ASOS because I really like the idea of it and thought it looked awesome but now I’m second guessing myself, they have it in some other colorways so now I’m thinking a different colour? My friend said it looks like I’m going to Graduation and it’s true, I kinda do. My thoughts are that If you like it , wear it. As I was wearing this , I wasn’t loving it…. 
What do you think? 
Have a great week guys!