Longsleeve Tee – REPRESENT*
Skirt skorts – Fabrixquare
Chain Sandals – eBay
Long gone are the luxuries I mentioned whilst writing my last post. I’m back in my bedroom in East London. It’s so strange how you wait so long for something and then before you can blink, it’s gone and you’re back home exactly where you were before. You might have seen already on my Instagram (@Gallucks) But I had a pretty awesome weekend. Luckily though I filmed most of it! So the next few nights will be spent editing my next vlog for my YouTube Channel.
Anyway this outfit Is what I wore last Friday to work. It was my birthday last Thursday and I pretty much consumed half of London so I wanted to wear something comfy but also a little bit special as I was seeing my Mother that evening. I’d also not worn my cropped hoodie in a long long time (another black piece of clothing that fell dark into the abyss that is my wardrobe). I wanted to layer over layer over layer and I loved it. Flaps, panels and layers everywhere! With some heavy duty accessories to finish the look off. What do you think?
Have a great Monday everyone – I’m going to try and have a good one one, I always try.