5 steps to reinvent yourself

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When I was younger if i liked something or was a fan of something I would run that obsession into the ground before completely obliterating it and then move onto the next. I would say it’s like an addictive personality but it’s really not that serious or dramatic. I don’t quite know how i do it but I feel like I’m quite good at reinventing myself. For me its sort of a coping mechanism, if I’m feeling down or stuck in a rut – I seek inspiration to breathe some new air into my life. A refresh, a revamp whatever you want to call it and yeah – I’m good at it. I think we’re all good at it? To some extent. I’m not just talking about dying your hair or buying a new outfit but like completely switching things up, for the better. Upgrading your life one megabyte at a time.

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1.Visualise your future – imagine how you want your life to be, who you want in it and what you want to be doing. We do this a lot everyday – planning a holiday or buying new clothes – we’re constantly visualising and planning how we want things to turn out be we very rarely look at our own lives and visualise what we actually want? Don’t get me wrong, I’m not that naive, I know that life doesn’t always turn out as planned but you’d be surprised as to how much you can change if you have a goal to work towards. 

2. Create Moodboards – honestly creating moodboards on pinterest is one of the most theraputic and enjoyable processes for me at the moment , it’s completely calming and really lets you realise everything you want to achieve. Whether it’s a simple thing like moodboarding for a home renovation, reinventing your personal style – a moodboard will be a great way to really create a vision for the project. Even if that project is yourself. (how artsy did that sound? I should write poems.)

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3. Ask Yourself  – simple questions like , what makes you happy? who makes you smile? do I enjoy my work? what skills do i have? how do i spend my free time? Just little things that make the world of difference. I wrote a blog post at the start of the year that was mainly saying it’s the little things that make you happy and I still think that’s true to this day. I think a lot of us get caught up in making the most money, working ourselves into the ground but then realising that your life has passed you by – especially for us millennials, we’re all very keen to get places, quickly – which is amazing but also – we need to remember to enjoy yourselves and be happy.

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4. Surround yourself with the right people – at my grand old age of 27 I’ve come to believe that I’m a great judge of character – most people who I suspect to be users, snakes or just selfish individuals, generally are. It’s a very bleak outlook but it’s true – but that’s the beauty of it too. You don’t have to be friends with everyone and everyone is fine with that, well for the most part. I feel like as you get older you kind of set up camp, you have your friendships, your longlasting childhood ones, your school friends, your teenage friends – your work/industry friends and that’s kind of it? Like I honestly don’t know how I’d cope if i had to have yet another whatsapp group chat – I’d probably throw my phone out the window. Anyway i’m kind of straying from the point – you are able to choose who you hang out with and who you don’t hang out with. You are in control of who you surround yourself with and it’s oh so important. If you feel as though hanging out with someone will pull your mood down or make you feel less than – don’t do it, don’t put yourself through that emotional strain – you owe it to yourself. I know it can feel awkward when someone is trying to hang out with you all the time but you don’t have to be rude, just politely decline. Hang out with people that make you feel good, people that make you smile, people who are there for you.

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5. take it a step at a time – I’m going to use my personal style for example, I used to dress like an emo kid when I was 15 right? Not really sure what I was wearing at college, went a bit monochrome-esque when I moved to London and now I’m very much into contemporary menswear, designers etc. There aren’t any pinnacle moments when I suddenly decided to dress a certain way – It’s been a long slow process that’s progressed over time – your style and your life will always be changing and evolving but if you have a vision, a grasp on what you want or in the direction of what already makes you happy then you’re going in the direction. One teeny, tiny step at a time.