Festival Tips – How To Survive

Festival Tips – How To Survive

In collaboration with V05 (here)

What I’m Wearing

3/4 Length Sleeve Shirt (DIY video) – River Island* (click here)

Nirvana T Shirt – Fabrixquare* (click here)

Frayed Denim Shorts – Topman*(click here)

Vans – MenLook*(click here)

I’ve been to two festivals this summer already, Lost Village up in Lincolnshire and most recently Wildlife festival down in Brighton with Vo5. I’ll hopefully go to a few more before summer ends but I must say that if you’ve never been to a festival here in the UK – British festivals are extremely different to any others. With the rise in popularity of festivals overseas like Coachella – us Brits have started dressing like were in palm springs when it’s most likely pouring down with rain the entire weekend. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, I love how festival style has evolved and is it’s own sub culture of style. I’m just saying let’s not pretend it’s California here!? I’ve updated the shop section of my blog with my own festival edit (here) with the sort of style that I like to wear to festivals and I’ve also written five tips below that will hopefully help you if you head to any festivals this summer. Do let me know in the comments below if you have any tricks of your own when it comes to festivals or if you are going to any festivals yourself!

Keep Each Other Company

I say this all the time, I even say it to my friends – just stick with 1 friend and have fun! When I’ve been to festivals with big groups of friends before, we spend most of our time trying to stay together, search for each other or standing alone at the meeting point because we lost each other. You have to admit that you’re going to get split up anyway and the easiest/best thing to do is just stay with 1 person, you’re more likely to stay together and continue having fun.


What You Need

So the essentials for me are extremely important and things that you cannot forget like all the toiletries, hair products, deodorant, baby wipes, toothbrush/toothpaste etc. Gadget-wise things like a Torch and portable phone charger will be your life savers. I do get a bit worried about losing things at festivals like my phone and camera –  especially if you’re camping but the thing is, don’t take something if you’re scared of losing it. Try and find an old phone or a disposable camera for the weekend if you don’t want to take the risk.


Pitch a Tent

If you are at a camping festival, make sure you get a bigger tent than is needed, you’ll appreciate the extra space, believe me. Me and my friends when we went to Leeds fest a few years ago now and we got an 8 man tent between the 3 of us. It was like a palace. Make sure you pitch your tent within a circle of you and your friends so you have a little campsite, you can all sit around and chat/find your tent more easily. For inside the tent when sleeping don’t forget things like ear plugs and pyjamas for extra comfort. You really notice how much of a difference the little luxuries will make when it comes to camping for 2/3 nights.


This Isn’t Coachella

Ok so the UK isn’t Coachella but you can still have fun with what you wear whilst being practical too. It may be hot and sunny but once the sun goes down it gets incredibly cold, make sure you have a hoodie/jacket for the night time. Sneakers/sandals are fine when it’s dry but Dr.Martens and Wellies are definitely a must if it’s been raining – the sludgy mud will completely ruin your sneakers so make sure you have a back up just incase. A backpack (or a smaller body bag) to store all your belongings is a good shout for things like your camera, money etc because you don’t want to your hands full when you’re trying to enjoy the moment. (lol) You can shop my festival edit right here.


The Pincher Movement

This technique helps me every time – It’s when you’re walking towards the stage and rather than join the crowd at the back you enter the crowd of people sideways, towards the front. So you’re going around and inwards, OK you’ll have a side angle but you’ll be a lot closer and most likely you’ll have more space around you.


I hope you enjoyed these tips and I can’t wait to hear some of your own – Just wanted to say a big thank you for V05 for taking me to Wildlife Festival, you can check out their products here.