4 T H D I M E N S I O N

Photography by Tom Buck (Website/Instagram)
In collaboration with 22 Design Studio
Watch – 4th Dimension Watch (Kickstarter)*
Overcoat – ASOS*
Longline Tee – ASOS*
Spray on skinny jeans – Topman*
Barfly Creeper – Underground*
Hey Guys, how’s it going? I feel like it was so long since my last outfit post but it was only on Saturday! anyway I’d like to introduce to you the 4th Dimension watch from 22 Design Studio. I’ve been a fan of 22 Design Studio for

awhile, I still wear my concrete rings of theirs that I got last year. They reached out to me about their new project the ‘4th Dimension watch’ and their Kickstarter campaign to fund the project. The watch is inspired by city life and urban design, it contains concrete inside with an elevated structure. It’s a truly beautiful timepiece, bringing sophistication and a minimal essence to any look. The Kickstarter campaign has just over two weeks left yet they’ve already raised more than 5 times their goal –  You can see all the info from the Kickstarter here and find out more about 22 design studio on their website here.

With the watch I’m also wearing my new Barfly shoes from Underground which I’m in love with, I think the whole outfit compliments each other so well, not too fussy and quite understated. 
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Have a great day!