I love 2NE1 so much and their comeback makes me so happy. Their music videos are the best out there, they wear most of my favourite designers and in ‘Happy’ they’re even donning some pieces that are quite old proving that you don’t have to be wearing the latest thing to look INCREDIBLE. also a cheeky cameo from Jeremy Scott in happy aha ^.^ 
I wish their AON tour was coming to the UK but I just don’t think their UK fan base is big enough yet U_U. ughhhhhh.
Their style of music video has definitely changed over the last couple of years, it used to be your traditional K-pop, slick dance routine, slanted camera angles gyrating everywhere but now they’ve adopted a more western – movie like feel to their videos. But still keeping their awesome style.
Be sure to check out their new album ‘Crush’ which is out now.
What do you think of their two new comeback videos?

*note I just found out that ‘Happy’ was in fact filmed in 2012 LOL, but still they look incredible and even if they’d filmed it now using those old pieces it would still be aweeeeeesome!