Flight Jacket – Vtinage /Tiger Sweater – Kenzo/Zip KneeJeans – Fabrixquare / Tier 0 Nike Air Max – Net a Porter

Well I’m not wearing my cap for once, what is life? that leather cap is with me everywhere I go. People forgot what I looked like without it haha. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll see that I’ve purchased a lot of shoes/sandals recently. I’m heading to Bulgaria in around 3 weeks time with my friends from university and I can’t wait! I’ve not been out of the country since Paris last september for a styling job. 

I get so bogged down in London, with the constant movement, things happening, stuff to do and just feeling utterly useless and lazy because I don’t do or see as much as I should. Things seem to be happening and I just seem to be wasting away in my room, maybe this is why I haven’t wanted to wear anything other than black since I moved here because it’s so depressing. The cost of living, the hours of work, the lack of funds for a 21 year old creative in London it can be really lonely. On the same note, It’s not like I’m one to go out and drink etc so am I to blame for my own loneliness?  I just don’t really like the majority of the human race. Meh.

I think I’m in a sour mood because it’s coming up to my birthday in a couple of weeks and the thought of being 22 is horrific. 

Okay this is supposed to be about clothes and I just started whinging, you’d think this was my twitter haha. I like the Jacket but the ribbing isn’t rigid enough it’s like some flimsy gross fabric. I just don’t have any other jackets so it’s kind of just what was in my wardrobe! Also the zip jeans are awesome but sometimes the leather panels can get uncomfortable. People always ask if they’re Saint Laurent and it’s like ‘oh yeah I have thousands of pounds to spend on trousers’….. NOPE. 

Any questions about clothes or where to get things please don’t hesitate to get in touch on any of my social media, also I’d like to thank my readers/friends/supporters for getting my facebook page to 500 likes this week ^____^ 

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