Hyper Japan

Hyper Japan


Me and Dodo hit up Hyper Japan in London last Sunday. I’d heard a lot about Hyper Japan and kind of expected more? It was fun and interesting but it’s more of a meet up for Cosplayers and Japanese enthusiasts to see each other and catch up. There were lots of good stalls like Tofu Cute and the Nintendo section was awesome, especially the Animal Crossing photobooth (which both me and dodo were very impressed with.) 
I got really hyped up over the thought of street styling (see last post). But overall most of the people there were either in cosplay or weren’t really into style/fashion. It probably didn’t help that we only went for afew hours on the last day but oh well!
Me and Dodo still had an awesome time and then went for Japanese food later on!
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  1. Audrey
    02/08/2013 / 18:55

    That's unusual that more people didn't show up dressed nicely. Whenever I go to these Japan related events, there's always a ton of girls in lolita dresses, mori girl outfits, fairy kei, or in harajuku inspired things.

    Also, you two look so cute! Is that Kyary Pamyu Pamyu mameshiba?

  2. 04/08/2013 / 07:54

    I love those first photos of both of you!So funny!
    I have Japan in my heart..I went there for 10 days and ended up staying 4 months…
    Its like you are living in a Tim Burton's dream..People are very expressive with what they wear..You see manga heroes walking aside with Alice in Wonderland and suddenly a lady in a Kimono passes by..right next to a colorful neo punk..who starts talking to a high street ,high fashion , sexy girl with cigarette jeans and a chanel bag.And all around huge black crows going crooo..I mean its out of this world..
    Have a beautiful week!!

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