Today’s Outfit

Today’s Outfit

▲ (Sharp Shoulder Blazer, Brian Lichtenberg Tank, Spray on Skinny Jeans,
Crocodile Skin Doctors Bag, Faux Foxtail Keyring )

I look quite smart and formal here, I think whenever I wear a blazer I always feel quite sophisticated haha especially this one because of the sharp shoulders. I found the brooch and the foxtail keyring (hanging off my bag) from that great place Ebay! haha. My Mother despises my Foxtail, I clip it onto my jeans and pretend I’m some sort of mystical creature, I love it!. The bag and jeans are from Topman ( I don’t usually go into Topman unless it’s for basics, Topman disgusts me ). The shoes are from Asos and my Brian Lichtenberg Tank top was from Alex and Chloe !
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  1. Poppy
    20/02/2010 / 18:32

    I love the whole outfit,especially that bag!
    Great photos

  2. 21/01/2017 / 20:32

    OMG! Your first post, that is so cool and sweet haha:)
    I started Blogging a few weeks ago and I’m following you on Instagram for a log while.
    And i was just wondering what your first post was. haha thats cool! keep going bro:)

    Best regards from Switzerland

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